No Witness for this Fitness (Staying Healthy While Social Distancing)!


The Wellness Center therapists at the Grand Traverse Pavilions want you to keep moving and grooving at home during this time of social distancing.  Physical activity not only keeps your muscles and bones strong, but also can prevent falls, enhance your mood, and help you sleep better.  We suggest putting on some fun and upbeat music and commit to doing 30 minutes of strengthening, stretching, and/or movement work daily.  Below is a link to the American Physical Therapy Association website to help get you started.  If you are new to an exercise routine, schedule a 30-minute session each day and alternate doing strength one day, stretching the next, movement the next day and so forth.  If you are already exercising, try the moderate or advanced routines and do a 30 min session of each daily!  Remember, exercise should NEVER be painful!  The therapy staff at the Grand Traverse Pavilions look forward to seeing you in the future!




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