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Ground Breaking

  • As the largest county-owned nursing facility in Michigan, Grand Traverse Pavilions’ $30 million operation offers 240 licensed nursing beds, 78 assisted living apartments and 3 independent living apartments on its 28-acre campus.
  • Grand Traverse County has a long history serving the aged and infirmed, beginning in 1911 with the Boardman Valley Hospital (a.k.a. County Infirmary or poor farm) to Grand Traverse Medical Care in 1959, now known as Grand Traverse Pavilions since 1998.
  • Our community supported a 20-year millage to construct the Pavilions’ main building. However, Grand Traverse Pavilions has operated financially self-sufficient for over 30 years and currently does not rely on the allocation of county general funds or an operational millage.
  • Grand Traverse Pavilions, a non-profit organization, relies on the development efforts of its Foundation to supplement traditional funding sources to allow access to the Pavilions’ programs and services regardless on one’s ability to pay.
  • Founded in 1997, the Grand Traverse Pavilions Foundation is the fund-raising arm of The Pavilions.  The Foundation raises financial support to provide low-income seniors access to Pavilions’ programs and services and to make enhancements to the quality of life for all residents.
  • Since its inception, the Grand Traverse Pavilions Foundation has raised nearly $2 million in endowment funds to support the on-going operational needs of The Pavilions in order for it to carry out its mission of serving the most vulnerable citizens in our community - forever.
  • Created to serve the indigent population, about 70% of those residing in the Pavilions’ long-term care are Medicaid recipients.  As such, Grand Traverse Pavilions provides more than $4.5 million in uncompensated charity care annually as a benefit to our community.
  • With no public assistance for assisted living services, Grand Traverse Pavilions extends its mission to provide reduced rental subsidies through the financial support of its Foundation, so that residents can remain in the least restrictive setting possible.
  • As an Eden Alternative registered home, Grand Traverse Pavilions promotes quality of life to its residents by creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continued contact with plants, animals and children. The Pavilions creates an elder-centered environment of loving companionship, meaningful activities and variety and spontaneity to combat the institutional plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom.
  • Grand Traverse Pavilions skilled nursing center isn’t just for long-term care residents. Opened in 2011, the dedicated Rehab Center is available for anyone needing short-term recovery from hospital to home.
  • With a professional staff of PTs, OTs and Speech Therapists, Grand Traverse Pavilions’ Rehab Center offers short-stay patients direct access to a gym with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, simulated living spaces, and an on-site 92-degree therapy pool so one can return home ASAP.
  • Although some 330 residents reside on the Pavilions’ campus in long-term care, assisted or independent living, Grand Traverse Pavilions serves many more through home and community-based programs like adult day care, outpatient therapy and aquatic wellness programs.
  • Through fund-raising efforts, Grand Traverse Pavilions’ fleet of vehicles, including two buses and an MV-1 Accessible Vehicle, have made it possible to meet the transportation needs of nearly 3,000 trips annually.  Our resident’s connection to the community through appointments, shopping and activities enhances their quality of life.
  • Grand Traverse Pavilions relies hundreds of individual and volunteer groups to provide about 11,000 hours of service annually.  Through their efforts, our resident’s quality of life in enhanced greatly.   Their service equates to an in-kind charitable gift of nearly $300,000.
  • Grand Traverse Pavilions is among the top employers in Traverse City and Grand Traverse County with over 450 employees.  Injecting more than $30 million into the local economy primarily from Medicare and Medicaid funding, the Pavilions makes a significant economic impact in our community.



Grand Traverse Pavilions is proud to be recognized by the U.S. News as a High Performing facility in both the Long-Term Care and Short-Term Rehabilitation categories.

Short-Term Care

The quality of care provided at the more than 15,000 U.S. nursing homes, also sometimes called skilled nursing facilities, varies widely. Grand Traverse Pavilions is among the top 5% of nursing home evaluated and one of only 708 facilities nationwide recognized for dual-facility designation. U.S. News wants to help families research facilities and find a nursing home that excels in the type of care they need. The U.S. New Best Nursing Homes ratings offer individuals and families a starting point in their search for a nursing home, whether they are in need of short-term rehabilitation or long-term care.

- U.S. News and World Report

Now Hiring!

Now Hiring! Certified Nurse Aides with full-time positions offering a starting wage of $17.00/hour, with .40 cents/hour shift differential and .50 cents/hour weekend differential. Position performs basic resident care activities and related non-professional services in caring for the personal needs and comfort of residents. Qualified must have already completed a recognized Nurse Aide Training program and obtain a current State of Michigan certification.

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Beautification Project

Be part of our Campus Wide Beautification Project!  We will be accepting orders throughout the year to enhance our beautiful campus.  Bricks, Park Benches, Picnic Tables and more can be purchased!


All donations to the Grand Traverse Pavilions Foundation are tax deductible charitable contributions as approved by the IRS.  For a full list of giving options please review our various Giving Opportunities below:

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