Let’s Talk About a Pain in the…. Foot!


Did you know that plantar fasciitis affects more than 2 million American’s per year?  Pain in your feet/heals can be frustrating and keep you from being active.  The good news is that physical therapy can help.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that impacts the plantar fascia, a thick band of connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot. People who have plantar fasciitis may have pain in their heels or along the arch of their foot. There are many things that can contribute to inflammation and pain; including improper footwear, reduced mobility in lower extremity joints, trauma, over use, weakness or prolonged standing.

If you or a loved one is experiencing plantar fascia discomfort it is recommended to first see a doctor to determine a diagnosis and ask for a prescription for physical therapy.  A physical therapist will do a comprehensive exam to help determine the cause of your pain.

Also, did you know that restrictions in your hip mobility and core strength could ultimately lead to pain in your feet?  If you only treat the area of pain, you might be missing the “big picture” leading to recurring episodes and long-term activity limitations.

The therapists at the Grand Traverse Pavilions - Wellness Center are trained in a variety of techniques used in the treatment of foot pain including manual therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston/Hawkgrips), and aquatic therapy, to name a few. 

Let us help you get rid of your pain and return to living comfortably, with the support of physical therapy.




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