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Grand Traverse Pavilions Marks 15th Anniversary

Time flies. It’s now the 15th anniversary of Grand Traverse Pavilions and the phenomenal growth of the region’s premier senior community is note worthy.


As many locals recall, The Pavilions opened in 1998 as the new name and home of Grand Traverse Medical Care Facility. The facility was located in a four-story building that was demolished to make way for the Munson Medical Center Emergency Department.


Grand Traverse Medical Care Facility came unto its own in 1959. It was the state’s first combined home of a long-term care facility and the county health department. At first, the organization was housed on two floors and later in 1967 two more floors were added.


When residents of Grand Traverse Medical Care Facility moved into their new home, more than 200 volunteers assisted with the transition. It was an anxious time for many, but when all was said and done, it was an inspirational and memorable experience.


Over the course of time, several new programs and services became a mainstay at The Pavilions. In addition to long-term care and dementia services, assisted living, adult day services, and overnight respite were added to the mix. Their introduction was in direct response to the changing needs of our aging population.


An intense focus on aging and retiring Baby Boomers placed added emphasis on healthy living and short-term rehabilitation. In 2002, construction on site of The Welllness Center introduced a new demographic to our community.


The Center offers an array of outpatient therapy, swim classes for children, and aquatic fitness classes. State-of-the-art equipment along with a 92-degree therapy pool provides a therapeutic and restorative environment for residents, staff, and members of the community.


Just a few years ago, the new Rehab Center at Grand Traverse Pavilions, an integral component of Grand Traverse Medical Care,  introduced a hospital to home care plan to patients recovering from elective surgery. In such a short time, the Center has introduced more than 500 individuals to “The Pavilions experience.”


In January 2013, to complete the continuum of care, independent living apartments were added to the historic accommodations known as “The Cottages.” Located on the third level of Hawthorn Cottage, the apartments offer the best view of The Commons and accommodations and amenities that are second to none.


Grand Traverse Pavilions is owned by Grand Traverse County and governed by the Grand Traverse Department of Human Services Board. A 28-acre campus, The Pavilions is a jewel in Michigan and a tremendous resource for the people of the region.


Since 1994 when Grand Traverse County supported a 20-year millage to construct our main building, The Pavilions has operated financially self-sufficient for over 25 years and does not rely on an allocation of county general funds or an operational millage. In fact, our community injects more than $25 million into the local economy from Medicaid and Medicare funding. As the number five employer in Traverse City, it makes a significant economic impact.


There is much to be proud of in celebrating 15 years. Not enough can be said about the more than 230 employees who are committed to our residents. Their work is exemplary. The 300 volunteers who support staff and residents are truly noble. The 330 residents are deserved of their status as cherished members of our community.


Finally, the support of individuals and businesses who fill in the financial gaps for the needs of  The Pavilions is commendable. Our donors continue to ask nothing in return but the constant and unwavering care we offer loved ones under our care.


There is no doubt, Grand Traverse Pavilions is an investment in the future of our great community. Each of us has a relationship with The Pavilions. A parent, friend, neighbor, or colleague may have called The Pavilions “home” at one time or another.


Our 15th Anniversary is another milestone for us and for those who come after us. Join us as we mark this milestone with deep appreciation and expectation of the years ahead.

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