Scheduling Information

Email Scheduling at:
Phone #: 231-932-3150

Campus Manager Office: 231-932-3154
Campus Manager (weekends between 4:30pm & 8AM / all day Weekends) #: 231-932-3000



                         WRITTEN REQUESTS must be submitted to scheduling office on printed “Quarterly Vacation Request” Form

                                                                                                                                   DUE                                        Response by

                                        January, February, March                                      1-NOV                                     15-NOV


                                           April, May, June                                                      1-FEB                                      15-FEB


                                        July, August, September                                        1-MAY                                     15-MAY


                                     October, November, December                              1-AUG                                     15- AUG



                       Approved vacations will be marked on you schedule. Please stop by scheduling if you need a paper copy.


                              If you vacation was not approved, please see if other dates are available for time off. Thank you!


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Class Schedule Information

Grand Traverse Pavilions

1000 Pavilions Circle
Traverse City, MI   49684

Phone: (231) 932-3000